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I literally owe my life and career to Carter Pounders and LifeCoach Carter.  He first helped me to be successful in my Spiritual walk, then taught me how to prioritize my life, and finally inspired me to pursue a career that I would do for free if i didn’t have other financial responsibilities.   Without Coach Carter there is no Rondell Clark, which means there is no F.A.C.E. IT Fitness Personal Trainers, which means the hundreds of people I have helped become healthier & better versions of themselves would not have happened. Carter has been motivating people for years, and I am grateful to have him as my mentor, friend, and personal coach.

Rondell Clark, F.A.C.E. IT Fitness

Coach Carter has been a great fit for me. His comfortable approach has helped me personally and professionally.

Carter’s coaching has helped me develop in many areas by focusing on the positive things in my life, pursuing my goals, and being a healthy, happy and whole person. As a mentor he’s helped me by being a sounding board and enabling me to displace aggression and stop putting energy into toxic situations.

Because of my relationship with Coach Carter, I am a better and more forgiving person.


bari2We worked closely with Carter in the startup and opening of Bari Salon. His support and encouragement were instrumental in our ability to navigate the many hurdles of creating a sustainable small business. Carter helped us trouble shoot difficult situations and proved to be a good friend, mentor and coach. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Carter and encourage others to do so as well!

SARAH & MORIAH- Bari Salon


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